“Everyone handles things differently, and I just think I’m super fortunate to be where I am,” Selena Gomez says.

Although the hit Disney show “The Wizards of Waverly Place” and an uber-successful foray into music have made Gomez a celebrity, the starlet’s true passion lies with her work for Unicef. She got involved with the humanitarian group when she was 17 and continues to serve the group as an ambassador.

“Ultimately the goal is just to use what I have,” Gomez says. “I have a platform and I’m very, very blessed to do what I love to do every day. The first step is using your voice. I want to be able to influence people my age, younger, older. I want to educate people.”

Gomez hopes that her involvement with Unicef, which garnered her the Young Humanitarian Award at Unite4:Humanity, will ultimately spread awareness of different causes.

“We encourage people to understand that we’re not just in this tiny bubble,” Gomez says.

“There’s a lot of other things going on in the world. It just kind of put things in perspective and hopefully we’ll be able to change that.”

One of Gomez’s favorite parts about traveling for Unicef is the getting to see the world through the eyes of the people she meets. “They have a different way of viewing life, and it just kind of takes you to this whole other place and makes you step back and look at your life,” Gomez says. “It’s just the greatest feeling.”— Francesca Bacardi

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were honored last night for their philanthropy work by unite4:good.
And it was Gomez who got choked up a bit when she acknowledged Lovato in her acceptance speech after being presented with the Young Visionary Award by her Rudderless director and costar William H. Macy.
“I’m thankful for you. You inspire me everyday,” the former Wizards of Waverly Place starlet said of her longtime friend. “I hope together we can inspire people to focus on what’s really important.”
Macy praised Gomez’s involvement with UNICEF. “Selena has maturity and grace, she’s been working for UNICEF for almost five years, which is epic time in teeange years,” Macy said. “She’s raised a lot of money and awareness. Selena is the real deal.”

Lovato told the crowd of about 600 about celebrating her 21st birthday on a humanitarian trip to Africa. “I was struggling a lot with personal issues,” she said. “I had to celebrate differently than a lot of other people. It was better than poisoning myself for a good night out.”
Lovato performed her megahit “Skyscraper” as well as “Warrior,” which she said was by inspired by unnamed incident that led to her private struggles.

The nominees for the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards were revealed on Monday afternoon, and without a doubt, Selena received a nomination. Selena is nominated as Favorite Female Singer against her BFF Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

The awards ceremony, which will have as a presenter, actor Mark Wahlberg, will be held on March 29, at the University of Southern California’s Galen Center and will be broadcast live on Nickelodeon, at 8pm.

Click here to vote directly on Nickelodean’s page. You must vote in all the categories (Favorite Female Singer is the 17th category).

Voting via Twitter: To vote for Selena in the category “ Favorite Female Singer,” just use the hashtags # VoteSelena # KCA. Each tweet containing the hashtags is counted as a vote.

Candice, one of Radio Disney’s host, announced yesterday this year’s Radio Disney Music Awards categories and nominees! This year Selena is nominated in three categories. Check them out below:

The Bestest – Song of the Year

  • Katy Perry – “Roar”
  • One Direction – “Best Song Ever”
  • Selena Gomez – “Come & Get It”

Move! – Best Song to Dance To

  • “Birthday” – Selena Gomez
  • “Dance With Me Tonight” – Olly Murs
  • “Wings” – Little Mix

#Cool – Radio Disney’s Most Talked About Artist

  • @arianagrande
  • @austinmahone
  • @selenagomez

Voting begins February 28 on Disney.com/RDMA

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. —#Omg! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted Monday riding Segways in Santa Cruz and vacationing at an luxury oceanfront resort in Aptos, local fans told KSBW.
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, Bieber and Gomez are pop music megastars who recently decided to get back together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Courtney Clark, 17, and her sister Melissa Clark, 15, were driving in the Seascape neighborhood of Aptos Monday when they saw someone wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and big dark sunglasses, even though it was 10 p.m. at night. He was walking with a beautiful blonde woman.

When Bieber and Gomez realized two fans had just recognized them despite their disguises, they ran into the Seascape Beach Resort laughing. Gomez lost her blonde wig while running, revealing her long dark hair, fans said.
The sisters said it looked like 19-year-old Bieber and 21-year-old Gomez were returning from dinner to their hotel. The celebrities spent the rest of the night in their room and on their balcony perched above Seascape Beach.
Only a handful of “Beliebers” were aware that the stars were in town, and the couple appeared to enjoy being far away from Los Angeles and New York City’s intense paparazzi.
On Monday morning, Bieber tweeted that he was taking a break by going on vacation with his family, but did not say where, and did not mention Gomez.

“Good to be on the first break in a while. Spending some quality time with family,” he wrote on Twitter.
As it turns out, he picked Aptos and neighboring beach town Santa Cruz.
A Santa Cruz park ranger said Gomez, Bieber, and Bieber’s father spent a sunny day riding Segways around Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz.

Bieber uploaded a video on Instagram showing his dad suffering a Segway wipeout in the park. Although it was only five seconds long, the video racked up half a million Instagram “likes.”
The group also relaxed on a nearby beach that normally has no public access, but was opened for Bieber by park rangers.
After a two-month split, the pop music world was tipped off that Bieber and Gomez were back together when they went on a Segway ride in Bieber’s gated community in Calabasas, Calif. on Jan. 2.

Gomez, whose hit songs include “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down,” unexpectedly canceled her upcoming tours in Asian and Australia, saying she needed to spend time with herself.

“It has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be,” Gomez said.
On Christmas Eve, Bieber made fans gasp when he Tweeted that he was “officially retiring.” Of course, the teenager who earned $113 million in the last two years has no real plans to actually ditch the music industry, and followed up by tweeting, “Merry Christmas. I’m here forever.”
On Tuesday, Forbes magazine released its annual “30 Under 30” list, naming the world’s most influential men and women who are less than 30 years old. Bieber was ranked No. 3, being only less famous than Miley Cyrus and actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The website On The Red Carpet published an article with the 10 best and most influential albums of 2013, and the first solo album of Selena“Stars Dance” – came to list in tenth place.

10. Selena Gomez — “Stars Dance”: The former Disney star released “Stars Dance,” her first solo album, in July 2013 (Gomez’s previous three studio records were released as a member of the group Selena Gomez & The Scene). Gomez’s solo effort showcased the singer/actress in a transitional period in her career, as she makes the leap from child star to adult star, as well as a transitional period in her personal life, as a newly-minted 21-year-old dealing with a very public breakup from singer Justin Bieber.

If transitioning away from her squeaky-clean image was her goal, Gomez achieved this with “Stars Dance,” a cohesively themed package of straight up electro-pop jams, such as “Slow Down,” “Birthday,” “Undercover” and the album’s lead single “Come & Get It” — perhaps one of the best songs of the year.

In addition to an album full of dance floor hits, Gomez got reflective on the tracks “Forget Forever” and “Love Will Remember,” giving fans a sense of who she is as an artist and as a young woman who is still learning and finding her way. She supported the album on her global “Stars Dance Tour” earlier this year.


Ever since Selena’s struggles with lupus went public on Dec. 27, one of her BFFs Demi Lovato has been there to support her, and she continued to be there on Jan. 3 when the two stars went out for a Mexican dinner in Los Angeles, Calif.
All a girl needs — good friends and Mexican food. Selena Gomez got both on Jan. 3 when she hit up Tequilas Restaurant in Van Nuys, Calif. along with her BFF, Demi Lovato.

In a picture posted by a fan, Demi and Selena are posing for a pic, still looking beautiful in casual outfits and minimal makeup. And though the restaurant is named after it, it doesn’t appear that the two singers were indulging in any tequila.
It’s no secret that Selena has been going through a bit of a tough time — she canceled her Australian tour on Dec. 23 and four days later it was revealed that she had been battling the autoimmune disease lupus for years. But throughout the trying weeks, Demi has been there for Selena. A day after Selena’s illness was revealed, the singer FaceTimed with Demi and Taylor Swift, clearly taking solace in the support and happiness her closest friends give her.
Selena’s been able to put on a strong face amidst these troubles, and it’s likely thanks to BFFs like Demi.

Though it’s also possible that Demi was giving Selena a little romantic advice. On the same night the two friends were out for Mexican, Justin Bieber uploaded a photo of himself and Selena cuddling and looking totally in love.

“Love the way you look at me,” Justin captioned his Instagram pic. The photo came just two days after Justin and Selena were spotted riding Segways together in his neighborhood, and served as confirmation that the on-again, off-again couple had reunited yet again

Selena Gomez is putting her health first.

The 21-year-old released a statement last week, vowing to “spend time” on herself and Popdust can exclusively report she has done so to deal with health issues related to Lupus.

Sources close to the singer tell Popdust that Selena was diagnosed with Lupus a couple of years ago and that she has suffered multiple “flares” recently, causing facial swelling, extreme fatigue, headaches and joint pain.

“Selena has been going full throttle the past few years and her Lupus is really catching up with her right now,” one source says.

“She knows that she needs to take some time to address the disease and look after herself better if she wants to live a full and healthy life.”

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissues, causing inflammation and tissue damage. It commonly shows as a red rash on the face and causes joint pain, damage to organs and the nervous system, fatigue, fever, headaches and temporary loss of cognitive skills.

It’s more prevalent in African American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian women, age 15-35, and affects sufferers intermittently, with periods of illness alternating with remissions—Lupus sufferers often try to keep out of direct sunlight as sunshine can exacerbate the disease.

It is incurable but treatable with 80-90 percent of sufferers expecting to live a normal lifespan.

Selena’s rep declined to comment despite multiple requests.

To find out more about the disease and to donate towards research go to the Lupus Foundation of America.

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